As a teacher you have to build relationships with your students, in order to be in the position to manage the students group during your courses. If you are an experienced teacher, maybe you know better how to manage your students, but if you are a new teacher, this process may represent a great challenge for you.

The first meeting with your new teacher

If you are a student and you are about to meet a new teacher, you will be very curious to find out how your new teacher will look like. In most of the situations, the first meeting with your new teacher will exceed certain expectations, but on the other hand may not meet certain expectations. But even so, the first meeting with your teacher will create a new relationship teachebook-2869_1920r-student, a relationship that will make you richer. After this first meeting you may feel that you have a great new teacher who will help you learn and discover new things, but you may also feel that you have a new “enemy”. During the first meeting with your new teacher, you will never have the courage to be exactly as you are because you are afraid that this new teacher would not like you. But we encourage you to be as you are, starting from the first meeting with
your new teacher. In this way, the relationship student-teacher will be based on trust.

Should I impose my demands as a new teacher?

As a new teacher you may be tempted to impose to your students your ideas, beliefs and manners. But maybe you should try to know better your new students and only after that you should think about how to manage your students group. If you try to impose all your demands, students may feel that the school is similar with an army. No one likes to be constrained. Each student prefers to spend a pleasant time at school and if you have only demands your students may start to dislike your classes. Just try to listen first your students and based on their ideas, opinions and beliefs and after that you may know better how to build the relationship students-teacher.

Building the relationship with your new students step by step

Each new relationship should be built step by step, in small steps and with a lot of patience. Speaking about the relationship between a new teacher and his/her students, this is not too different. The first step should be a discussion regarding the expectations of both sides. Each

part should listen to the other side and join some conclusions that create a wonderful atmosphere during schools hours. Secondly, each new teacher should transmit his or her expectations. In this way, each student will learn how to manage his work. Finally, the students should be encouraged to ask questions and to make mistakes during learning process.

Each new teacher should have his or her own manner to build the relationship with a group of students. The result of this relationship should speak about students with a higher level of knowledge, self-respect and self-trust.

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.