As funny as it might sound students are your employer as a teacher, so being one your goal is make sure your employer is happy with you. The first impression of students on you stays on their mind for as long as you interact them so as teacher you need to make a good one. Students at the start are shy of a new teacher they don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves before you and as a teacher your main challenge is first tackling the tension which make students view you as unfriendly.

The introductory part to students

Teacher can handle such situation by introducing themselves and talking briefly about their past experience to their students. This goes a long way in creating a long term working relationship with your students, it gives them power to be open to share with you in case of challenges thus creating open communication lines. Cleaver teachers go even to long extend of bonding with students at class level so as to understand each and every students strengths and weakness.

Building the teacher student rapport

Students may not say it to you as new teacher but they need someone who is organized so you need to know your point and how to handle your work. This ensure that the student first see you as role model or a figure they can emulate. When it comes to teaching it’s good to have your notes made in systematic manner which allow the smooth flow of ideas. Students will surely be studying too so they learn a lot and at times pop questions at you which you never expected. The best way to approach such situations is to allow the students to share their ideas this allow them expand their thinking as they also grow their public speaking skills.

Creativity is something a teacher need to install on students at the early stages so as a new teacher don’t down play that. Students who are nurtured to be creative have fun at most at school so as teacher this becomes a ground on which you can gel with your students as their imaginative self comes out. Sports and play to be in general allow new teacher to know students even better. Engaging students by joining them as they play having fun while playing soccer or their favorite sport which ever that might be make them trust you more. This is because you make them work as a team making them one.

The bond between student and teacher never stop growing because as students face challenge they will always need someone to confide so it might as well be the new teacher who they have started having grudges with.  New teacher has the best shot at creating a better working rapport and build broke bridges of trust between student and teacher which might have existed before. Students soon learn to seek shelter under your wings of wisdom and school becomes smooth place to work even as a new teacher.


If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.