A new teacher to a classroom of students poses a range of assumptions for both the teacher and the student. The important thing is to build a relationship that is impressionable to the students in such a fashion that it evokes a favorable environment for learning that accommodates the entire or at least most of the classroom. To articulate this, the new teacher needs enough professional skill to be acceptable to the students but as well set an official tone that will instill enough discipline in the learning process. In so doing the students will need to feel safe and actively engaged in an environment that they can adequately express themselves without the fear of being wrong or being stigmatized for not grasping concepts as well as other students.

It is plausible for a teacher to analyze their classroom in order to develop the most effective teaching plan. This is through identifying the individual traits of the given students, their areas of expertise as well as shortcomings. This articulation of strength and weaknesses gives the teacher a practical approach to teaching that will be all inclusive of the fast learners, the average scholars as well as the slow learners. How then can a new teacher be able to point out such strengths and weaknesses?

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Clear The Channels For Communication

It is by actively asking questions and involving the students in the classroom that they express their true strengths and weaknesses. The important thing to know is that the students will try to make an appeal to you as the new teacher as much as you are. The confident students will be vocal in class but there exists a category of those that will try to blend away to avoid the attention. Clear the channels for communication by captivating their interests as well as having light moments with them on the first meeting. This makes them feel safe to express their ideas whether wrong or right.

Reading Into Verbal And Nonverbal Cues In The Classroom

Another step to pointing out strengths and weaknesses is giving them group tasks and silently observing how students interact with each other without your influence. The students will feel more comfortable within the relations they have already built with one another. From this one can be able to pin point the proficient students as well as tracking the individual thought processes of your students. The students will psychologically group themselves according to their levels of strengths and ability to grasp. Read into this to stipulate their strengths and weaknesses.

Analyze The Student’s Past Work

From the records of their performance one can be able to tell where any given student is good at in their academic level as well as their difficulty areas. The other teachers who have already established their relationships with the students can be able to give an insight to the students, their special needs if any as well as tools that have already proven to be effective in reaching out to their interest to learn.

Develop Ice Breaking Skills

Some students will shy off from expressing their thoughts which could be a great hindrance to effective learning. The general idea here is not only to get the most proficient students to indulge but most importantly the poor performing students as well as the slow learners to feel secure enough to ask questions and in their own way keep up. The smarter students try to outshine in the spirit of competition which leads to alienation of other students if a teacher is not careful. Control the responsiveness of the classroom by making sure that the learning experience is fairly distributed.

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.