Have you enjoyed your first course as a teacher?

I just have to tell you the truth! Yes, I enjoyed my first course as a teacher because I really love what I am teaching, but I have to admit that I was excited being in front of more than 35 students that were impatient to meet the new teacher. After 5 minutes when I lost all my ideas, I regained my words and I started to be myself. Starting from my first course as a teacher I was able to build an excellent relationship with my students.

Which are the reasons that have motivated you to become a teacher?

faqThe main reasons that should motivate you to become a teacher include loving kids, the desire to teach the others, the wish to share your ideas and the need to share your positive energy. The first quality of a teacher should be patient because if you want to work with kids patient is necessary. The second quality for a teacher is represented by kindness. As a teacher, if you have the kindness, you will be loved and appreciated by your students. Other characteristics that may describe a good teacher include aspects such as love, trust, courage, positive thinking and self-control.

If you don’t like kids may you become a good teacher?

Well, we think that is very hard to be a good teacher if you don’t love kids. Because children feel our energy, they will feel our adversity towards them. Due to this, in our opinion, love for children is a must in order to be a good teacher. We are not speaking here about a good teacher in terms of knowledge, but in terms of a good relationship as humans between teachers and students. So, if you don’t like children, maybe you should find a different career.

How can you manage a student group as a new teacher?

In order to manage a student group as a new teacher, you should be open as a book in front of the student group. If you are open to share your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and life, then students will be able to cooperate and have a positive answer. In this way, you will have great success in managing students, even if you are a new teacher.

Which is the best age to become a teacher?

I think that becoming a teacher doesn’t need a certain age. Of course, becoming a teacher when you are young will be a plus in your career as a teacher. But even if you are not very young, you may become a great teacher if you have the grace to teach.

Are you nervous, anxious as a new teacher?

As a new teacher you may have different feelings. If you are shy, you will be anxious, nervous. On the other hand, if you are extrovert, then you will be extremely unselfconscious. It depends also on the number of students if you are nervous because a larger group may cause more emotions.

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.