Being a new teacher comes with both the good and the bad and most of teachers have a story to tell on how their first days at new school felt. A new school makes even the experienced teacher feel like a baby once more, who is learning to walk all over again. The expectation all poured on you is enough to drown you if you aren’t smart. The fact that you have to be introduced to each and every person around the school is enough to irritate your already stressed mind.

Using proper techniques in your job

Being a teacher is an important and very dedicated career. You can’t just be reckless person and imagine that you work will be an easy task. This is never the case – you should even see failed nannies, who thought their job is a piece of cake. No it’s not. You need to be on alert 24/7, no matter if you are 1-year teacher or just a nanny doing your work. Use proper techniques, use proper methods. Always!

The new school atmosphere

A new school feel is quit scary to most teachers the new face, environment, unfamiliar procedure and unknown pitfall make most doubt their profession for a little bit. What all teachers might not know is that all they need is coach to help them make the initial steps.A new desk if lucky an office becomes your small zone were you position yourself and gear for the battles to come.

Bonding with the rest of teachers

Talk about the other teacher who want to befriend the new teacher, they see you stagger trying to create lines of communication and without hesitation jump in to lend a hand of help. The situation in the staffroom is not that clear when you first arrive you find yourself interacting with all teachers  of people even those who don’t see eye to eye. They might not say it but a new teacher sometime brings them together and they for a minute forget what their differences which ever they might have been.

Knowing your students and the school environment

Students are the most interested in knowing the new teacher, they are full of questions; where did he previously teach, is he strict all this questions and many more are what a new teacher will encounter. The creativity of students comes to play when new teachers arrive they start by calling you funny nicknames most of which are curved from your actual names.Don’t let this get on your nerves you were once a student, probably did the same.

A new teacher major concern is knowing his/her students are they the serious one, the jokers, those in need of some special attention because as a teacher you need to accommodate all the strong and the weak, plus nurture them to their level best. Adapting to a new school routine is a bit challenging at the beginning because other than having a hard time finding your way around the school the personnel is new to you too.

The best thing is with right attitude you soon get over all hurdles and it all becomes smooth, you can’t even wait till your next week to be on duty. All said once you get your grip it all usual as before you find time to make fun any moment which comes your way. The friend list grows with time as people start to know you better and learn to appreciate you.

Thank you.

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.