As a new teacher you may be tempted to follow older teachers experience and methods of teaching. But it is this attitude correct? It is a good way to build your career as a teacher? Or it is better to try to find your own methods to become a successful teacher? In the following sections of our post, we will try to find the answer to these curiosities.

Use older teachers’ experience

Teacher-readingIf you are a new entry into a certain domain, maybe it is good to use the experience of those that are more experienced in that domain. But is this option a correct one in the teaching domain? Teaching is more different than working in a factory. You are working with children and you have to give them all that you have. Sometimes may be useful to use the experience that is coming from older teachers. Because these older teachers are more experienced, they may give some useful advises for you in order to build a great career as a teacher. Any advises that is coming from more experienced teachers should be welcome because it may be very important in certain moments during your teaching career. So, we recommend you to listen to more experienced teachers and thank them for their advices.

Do not copy older teachers’ behavior and methods

Even if in the previous section of this post we encouraged you to listen and follow some advises that are coming from older teachers, we do not encourage you to copy their methods and behavior. Every person is different and he/she has something different to share with the other persons. As a teacher this originality and uniqueness is more important. If all the teachers would be exactly the same in attitude and teaching methods, then the students would not learn too much. In our opinion nobody should be a copy of other people, even more if you are a young teacher. Nobody should be a copy of the others, so we recommend you to dare to be yourself. Following some advices from older teachers may be very useful and important, but you don’t have to be a copy of them.

A new teacher should be true and original

Even if you are a new teacher, without experience in the teaching domain, you should have the utru-denver-classroom-031915-0639courage to be yourself. Students will appreciate your originality and openness. Being true and original as a new teacher will ensure you a great career as a teacher, in our opinion. During your courses, you should impose your own methods and techniques. If there is something that will go wrong at the beginning, you should not be worried. You may correct those aspects and learn from your own mistakes. In this way, you will become an excellent teacher.

Trying to help new teachers in their future career, we have discussed here about the minuses and the pluses that you would assume if you will listen to older teachers’ advices or you will copy their methods. Dare to be original as a new teacher!

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.