I think that you know that there are many situations when between students and teachers you may see a gap. If there is a gap between students and teachers, both sides that are involved in the educational process will lose something. In the next sections, we will try to debate the topic of the gap between students and teachers, and come up with some solutions to solve this issue.

Why there is a gap between students and teachers?

white-teachers-MAINThere are many reasons that may give an answer to this question. One of the first reasons may be considered to be the age difference between students and teachers. There is a widespread idea that between persons of different age there will always be a gap. Because teachers are older and more experienced, sometimes they try to impose their ideas and beliefs, creating another reason to create a gap between two generations. Another reason may be considered the severity of certain teachers. But sometimes the gap is the result of students’ attitude. Students may have a negative attitude towards their teachers. Due to this, students refuse to collaborate with their teachers and students create a barrier between these two sides.

Ideas to solve the gap between students and teachers

Each relationship between teachers and students is different. Due to this, if there is a gap between these two parts of the educational process, there is always a particular way to solve this gap. In our opinion, one idea to overcome to this issue is to initiate a discussion that should clarify all the aspects of the relationship between students and teachers. Each part of this dialog should express its points of view and then try to put them together. Another idea may suggest inviting teachers, as the more experienced part of the dialog, to reduce their demands towards students. In this way, students may feel that they are more important than teachers and they may become more interested in becoming closer towards their teachers. Speaking about the students, they may help solving this gap by being able to listen to their teachers and come with their feedback to teachers’ demands, in order to have a mutual agreement.

Finding the best solutions to avoid creating a gap between students and teachers

In the previous paragraph we talked about some of the best ideas to solve the gap between students and teachers, but maybe the most desired situation is to avoid the appearance of this hook-1023870_1280gap, instead of solving it. How to avoid creating this gap between students and teachers? Well, in our opinion the best method is to clarify all the aspects of the relationship between students and teachers even from the first meeting. How to do this? The best method is to be sincere and honest in front of your students or teachers. Communication is the best method to avoid this gap.

The gap between students and teachers is always a barrier during the educational process, being a cause of slowdown this process. In the above paragraphs, we mentioned some of the most important ideas that may help solving a possible gap between students and teachers.

If you think that being a teacher is very easy, we have to tell you that this is not true. As a teacher you have to be able to manage a large group of students, young persons that are full of energy.